Brokering An SLE

SLEs are designated by Teaching Schools and are assigned to their Teaching School’s Alliance.  Yarlside Teaching School Alliance (YTSA) is responsible for the designation, brokerage, deployment and quality assurance of SLEs.

  • Interview and assessment for designation
  • Induction Training
  • Optional additional training sessions
  • Raising awareness of SLEs purpose throughout the Alliance
  • Developing aspirant SLEs from the Alliance
  • Brokering SLE services
  • Drawing up Deployment Agreements
  • Completing Deployment Evaluation Documents
  • On-going SLE support
  • Measuring the impact of SLE deployments on outcomes for children
  • Review and monitoring of SLE assignments
  • Quality Assurance
  • De-designation

Yarlside Teaching School has designated 8 SLEs and is responsible for managing the process from start to finish, supporting the SLE throughout their deployment, including identifying the most appropriate SLE when a request for support is received.

Support will always focus on sustainable leadership development and school improvement.  With this in mind, each deployment will start with a clearly defined Deployment Agreement, drawn up by the Teaching School in consultation with the organisation commissioning the deployment. Each party will sign this agreement (the Teaching School, the commissioning body and/or the supported school and the SLE).

YTSA SLEs can be deployed in all phase of schools, including cross-phase.


All SLE deployment will be brokered via the Teaching School.  It is anticipated that potential deployment will be foreseen in the whole school improvement plan, and that, where possible, SLEs will be used proactively in a developmental, strategic way.

SLE deployments can be requested using the Deployment Request form or by contacting the Teaching School Co-ordinator Debbie Parkinson directly on 01229 840934 or


A key element of SLE work is building relationships; from the very beginning of the process, the Teaching School will be seeking to build trust and rapport with the commissioning agency/host school before any formalised agreement is put in place.

Following an initial enquiry, Yarlside Teaching School will identify and make contact with a suitable SLE. The SLE will then make contact with you to discuss the specific focus of the support.

An SLE Deployment Agreement, tailored to your particular circumstances, will be drawn up by the Teaching School and the most suitable SLE identified.  There is no set model but the support will always focus on sustainable leadership development and school improvement.

Please contact Debbie Parkinson with any initial enquiries.


SLEs will be monitored and held accountable for the quality of the support they provide.  They will be expected to provide evidence that their work has had a positive impact with measurable outcomes.

As Yarlside Teaching School is responsible for the quality assurance and impact monitoring we have to formalise the arrangement with written agreements.

To this end, a clearly defined agreement based on the needs of the supported school will be put in place prior to the deployment.

The SLE Deployment Agreement will be drawn up by the SLE and Yarlside Teaching School. It will detail the:

  • Organisation commissioning the support
  • Host School (school to be supported)
  • Selected SLE
  • Scope of work
  • Personnel involved at the host school
  • Targets
  • Key performance Indicators (KPIs) to be met
  • Success criteria
  • Expected outcomes
  • Time commitment and time line, schedule of visits
  • Impact measures
  • Funding arrangement and costs

This will be shared with all parties and subject to modification by agreement.

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