Deployment Costs

The cost to the host school will be calculated on a daily rate or pro rata for half days. There is no pre-defined time commitment for SLE work because models and types of deployment will vary, for example, a half day each week for two terms, a full day a week for one term. Overall, we expect each SLE to be available for 15 days per academic year.

The daily rate for school-to-school support (all phases) is:

Cost to Purchasing School Reimbursement to SLE’s School Brokerage Fee to Teaching School
£350 * £300 £50

* to include travel costs and SLE supply cover



Yarlside Teaching School will raise invoices to the organisation requesting deployment for the total cost and in turn the supplying schools (home school of the SLE) will invoice Yarlside Teaching School Alliance so that their costs (as defined in the Deployment Agreement) incurred by the absence of the SLE will be reimbursed.
All costs and invoicing arrangements will be clearly stated in the SLE Deployment Record and each deployment will have its own agreement.



As shown in the table of the rates, a brokerage fee (a fixed cost for each day or pro rata) will be factored into the transaction.
This fee will be used to cover the cost of administration incurred by the Teaching School and the on-going support of the SLE by the Teaching School, the final evaluation and the quality assurance for each deployment, as required by the National College for Teaching and Learning.

*** 19/03/20 UPDATE: Wild Words in the world; Outstanding teaching and learning in primary geography; Phonics into Spelling: How to create effective spellers in classrooms ALL POSTPONED ***   On balance, we feel it is the right and responsible thing to do because it will reduce the amount of social interaction which can only help to prevent the spread of Covid-19. By halting groups of visitors to schools we hope we are demonstrating a duty of care to school staff and pupils as well as the wider communities that they are all part of.